Happy New Year! :-)

A new year is upon us, for better or worse. As for myself I have a few photographic goals to achieve. One is to expand the imagebank on the “In silence- silent landscapes”  project. Another is to take as many landscape/people shots as possible on our summer trip to our summer house in Gratangen in the north of Norway. We will try to take trips around to several locations in the north while we are up there. We (my wife and I) will maybe also have a big city trip abroad in the spring, preferably Rome. We`ll see. The most important is to have goals to try to expand the horizon a little bit. A Happy New Year to the ones that might stumble upon these pages. The pictures are all from Kleppestø on the island of Askøy, Norway….. :-)



I really love to test the camera and the lenses by trying out challenging conditions such as night photography, long exposures and backlight. It is of course also a test for myself on how well I know my equipment. I am by no means a techie and prefer to learn what I actually need on my cameras. At the same time I kinda like some of the imperfections that sometimes occur using the camera in the most difficult conditions. 

Backlight 1

Backlight 2

Backlight 3

Backlight 4

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